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  1. Gardajas says:
    collision noun (ACCIDENT) [ C or U ] an accident that happens when two vehicles hit each other with force: There has been a collision on the southbound stretch of the motorway.
  2. Arakora says:
    A condition of opposition or conflict between two or more people or things: the collision between management and labor. 3. Physics A brief dynamic event consisting of the close approach of two or more particles, such as atoms, resulting in an abrupt change of momentum or exchange of energy.
  3. JoJorr says:
    Collision (47) IMDb 1h 41min R A woman plots with her lover to kill her rich husband while honeymooning in Morocco, but the plan goes tragically heuseisasuspaticeerumcawawareapp.xyzinfo: Thriller, Action.
  4. Shaktir says:
    Collision was founded in as a student-led movement that has multiplied into thousands of positive connections inside and outside school walls. Students are making a positive impact by caring and sharing Jesus with their peers.
  5. Vudolrajas says:
    a clash; conflict: a collision of purposes. Physics. the meeting of particles or of bodies in which each exerts a force upon the other, causing the exchange of energy or momentum.
  6. Shakajin says:
    collision definition: The definition of a collision occurs when two things crash into each other, or when two opposing ideas come into conflict. (noun) An example of collision is when one car strikes and hits another. An example of collision is when t.
  7. Kazira says:
    ALLDATA Collision has all the OEM info that you need to get the job done – both collision and mechanical repair information! Body and Frame: sectioning procedures, structural adhesives, interior trim, sensors and switches, and more. New Construction Materials: Operating System: Windows, Mac.
  8. Mektilar says:
    The Graduate Center, CUNY. (, June 25). Black hole collision may have exploded with light: Possible light flare observed from small black holes within the disk of a massive black hole.
  9. Dishakar says:
    Collision insurance is auto coverage that reimburses the insured for damage sustained to their personal automobile, due to the fault of the insured driver. This type of insurance is often added as.

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