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Defensive Indifference

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  1. Voodoom says:
    Defensive Indifference Bill Carr. Allison is the smartest person we know. Now sixty-six, she’s a handsome woman, tall and blonde, and speaks with a slightly clipped enunciation that’s probably the influence of her British father. She can put on weight occasionally, but seems to have the ability to suddenly lose it when so inclined.
  2. Nell says:
    Apr 18,  · I see lots of books scoring this as defensive indifference, but I still award an SB unless the game is out of hand and the defensive team could truly care less where the runners are (example, , bottom of third). If the outcome of the game is still in doubt, and the throw is not made because the defensive team is trying to prevent a run.
  3. Doujas says:
    May 31,  · Defensive Indifference is a play in the later stages of a game in which the defensive team, either ahead or behind by a large amount allows a player to advance a base without any attempt to put the runner out. There is a ton of room for interpretation here and far too much subjectivity, in my opinion. But the keys to defensive indifference are.
  4. Talkis says:
    Sep 18,  · League of Defensive Indifference. Skip Navigation. Home Help Search Welcome Guest. Please Login or Register. League of Defensive Indifference. Home. General. News, Notes, and Updates. Trade Talk. Draft Board. Rules and Regulations. Everything Else. News ••••• MASTER.
  5. Samuran says:
    May 25,  · defensive indifference; score a fielder's choice. (See noted exception for first and third situation above). -NFCA Homeplate: ATEC: Beyond The Basics of Scoring Fastpitch Softball The noted exception referred to is a double steal situation. 3) In the first and third double steal, credit the runner advancing to second base with a stolen base if.
  6. Goltijinn says:
    In baseball, fielder's choice (abbreviated FC) refers to a variety of plays involving an offensive player reaching a base due to the defense's attempt to put out another baserunner, or the defensive team's indifference to his advance. Fielder's choice is not called by the umpires on the field of play; rather, it is recorded by the official scorer to account for the offensive player's advance.
  7. Nigami says:
    Definition of defensive indifference in the heuseisasuspaticeerumcawawareapp.xyzinfo dictionary. Meaning of defensive indifference. What does defensive indifference mean? Information and translations of defensive indifference in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
  8. Mauran says:
    Aug 15,  · Defensive Indifference: A Fist-Sized Muscle. Rachael McDaniel. August 15, Share: > Image credit: USA Today Sports. Subscribe to Baseball Prospectus. Things have not been going very well for the Dodgers lately, and they remain stuck behind the Diamondbacks in the NL West. Their offense is scuffling.

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